Auto Coater

We are one of the best well-known Auto Coater Pharmaceutical Machinery manufacturers in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We present an extensive collection of Auto Coater that is normally relevant for the function of coating tablets, granules and pallets. The Auto Coating Machine contrived by our engineers is made from extreme grade of raw material and Stainless Steel and it has user-friendly applications. We also expert in manufacturing Multi Mill, Coating Pan and Fluid Bed Dryer that are widely demanded in the national as well as in the international market.

We offer an advance coating machinery to our respected clients which is primarily used in Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical Industries. To manufacture this Auto Coating machinery and Octagonal Blender, our experts use latest technique and high effectiveness methods to increase their business. This Auto Coater manufacturer is praised for complying with the standards of CGMP. This machine is available in various sizes. The plus point of this coater is that it gives even coating tablets, pills and granules and is noiseless.

Auto Coater Machine

We supply this Auto Coater, Rapid Mixer Granulator and Tray Dryer with excellent quality, durability, corrosion resistant and fine finishing. It is a high proficiency, energy saving, safe and clean equipment for entire coating of tablets, pills and candies with organic film and sugar film etc. Our Auto Coater Machine has excellent mixing and tumbling (falling) process by special design of baffles to prevent chipping of tablets. It is available in capacities of 10 to 12 Kgs. We make sure that our Auto Coater is tested for quality before being sent to the market at very inexpensive prices.

Working Standard of Auto Coater:

The main unit consists of a cylindrical perforated pan with conical ends in a SS double walled enclosed space. Tablets to be coated make continuous complicated orbital motion the closed rotating drum under the action of a streamline of Baffles. During the coating process, Coating Fluids are sprayed (film coating) through multiple Air borne Spray Guns mounted with in the pan, according to the technological process and rational technological parameters. At the same time hot filtered air supplied under a negative pressure. The hot air penetrates through the tablets core layers and is discharged from the bottom of the layers. Alternatively, the Sugar Syrup may be administered through the front opening with the dosing assembly.  A Peristaltic Pump is working for accurate delivery of coating fluids / or sugar syrup.  The tablet bed is gently and efficiently mixed during pan rotation with the aid of mixing baffles attached internally with in pan. The coating medium sprayed on the surface of the tablet cores will dry rapidly and evenly, thus forming a solid and smooth surface film on tablet. As a result, applied coating is dried with non-contaminated, dust-free and optimized volumes of air, for producing uniformly coated tablet cores.

Auto Coater Machine Manufacturer
Salient Features:
  • Automated process and maintain uniformity of coating.
  • Highly efficient spray system with spray guns, controlling the quality of coating of Tablets.
  • Flexible batch operations with Advanced CIP system.
  • Protective handling product (Baffles) to prevent chipping of tablets.
  • Pan cabinet is absolutely air tight and ensures no pollution in production environment.
  • Pan Light is provided for illumination inside the pan.
  • Complete separation of production and technical area.
  • Auto spray stop in case of disturbance in pan drive to protect tablets or granules from any damage due to system failure.
  • Depending on shape, size and pattern of Rolling of Tablets, the spraying angle can be adjusted with the device within the spray gun.
  • Close compact layout. PLC controller and peristaltic pump fitted with cabinet itself to avoid floor space occupation.
  • Dose, pause and drying cycle can be revalidated with the help of PLC.
  • All doors, safety guards and covers are provided with a suitable food grade seals.
  • The above perforated has a suitable mouth opening for Tablet charging and discharging provided with stainless steel cover and a glass window for process visualization.
  • The coating pan is specially designed to save on coating solutions and time.

Technical Specifications

Model EP-600 EP-900 EP-1200 EP-1500
Capacity (Depending upon tablet, shape, size and density) 10 -15Kgs 50-75 Kgs 120-150 Kgs 300 -350Kgs
Drum diameter (mm) 610 915 1220 1525
Drum RPM 6-24 3-15 3-15 2-11
Mixing Baffles 2 2 2 2
Tablet Bed Depth (inch/mm) 4″/100 MM 4″/100 MM 4″/100 MM 4″/100 MM
Compressed Air 6 Bar-45 CFM 6 Bar-65 CFM 6 Bar-85 CFM 6 Bar-125 CFM
Total Electric load (approx) 5 Kw 10 Kw 15 Kw 35 Kw
Electrical heating : (Optional) (Kw) 11 30 36 160
Steam consumption (Kgs./hr) 45 110 145 450
Steam Consumption (kgs. /Cm 2) 3 3 3 4
Machine dimensions [ MM] 1090 w x 1005 L x 1540 H 1090 w x 1005 L x 1540 H 1090 w x 1005 L x 1540 H 1090 w x 1005 L x 1540 H